Futons & Futon Frames the stores collection

We are specialized in futons. Our hard wood selection of futon sofa bed furniture is divided into three groups of futon categories. The first group of our hardwood futons is called promotional collection and could be found under hardwood futon frame group # 1. The front operated hard wood futons collection could be found under premium hardwood futon frame group # 2. The third group will have futons built with wicker and rattan futon arms also furniture accessories for the same group is available such as matching tables, ottoman or room divider “screen” to go well with that futon collection and the metal futons will be found in the last group. Please do not forget to visit our futon mattress, futon covers as well as the futons special package deals section. You can create your own futon package. Please note that the futon storage drawers system is available for most styles not to twin or lounger sizes.

All orders except floor model items could be picked up in the store in Arlington Virginia, shipped out of state, or delivered locally to Washington dc metropolitan area, NE Washington DC, NW Washington DC, SE Washington DC, SW Washington DC, and the trip is considered a flat rate delivery also to will apply to Arlington VA, Fairfax Virginia, Falls Church VA, Annandale Virginia, Prince William county VA, Alexandria Virginia, Also in Maryland around Rockville MD, silver spring MD, Laurel Maryland, Bethesda MD, and all counties within 20 miles from our Arlington VA Store. Our discounted delivery charge will be based on the distance as well as the invoice’s size, please call us for any additional information. Floor model items are available for pick up or local delivery only.

Thanks for shopping with us.