Premium Acrylic Wall Art Christ The Redeemer - SH-72328ABC

Premium Acrylic Wall Art Christ The Redeemer - SH-72328ABC
Item# Wallart-ChristTheRedeemer-SH-72328ABC-JFM

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Wall art is a wonderful way to complement your room’s style or add that conversation piece you’ve been looking for. J&M is proud to introduce the Wall Art Collection which is exclusively printed through a state of the art process onto an acrylic canvas. From depictions of some of the most breathtaking places to stunning still photographs, there are plenty of inspirational pieces in a variety of different styles, sizes, and color palettes to choose from.

There is something awe inspiring about this three piece set featuring the iconic statue of Christ.

Overall Dimensions: 47 H x 95.5 W

Piece 1 - 47 H x 31.5 W

Piece 2 - 47 H x 31.5 W

Piece 3 - 47 H x 31.5 W

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