Ingenuity Channel Tufted 3454 Performance Velvet Sofa

Ingenuity Channel Tufted 3454 Performance Velvet Sofa
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Ingenuity Channel Tufted 3454 Performance Velvet Sofa
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Regale visitors from the exquisite comfort of Ingenuity's luxe perimeters. This retro-modern sofa features a visually contrasting channel tufting that introduces an energetic and lively welcome for your living room or lounge area. Soft, stain-resistant performance velvet upholstery covers the sofa's solidly constructed wood frame. Ingenuity features dense foam cushions for a premium seating experience. Four stylish gold stainless steel legs offer solid support in this comfortable centerpiece for the modern home.

Overall Product Dimensions 33.5 L x 90 W x 30 H

Seat Dimensions 24 L x 74 W x 18.5 H

Armrest Height from Seat 11 H

Backrest Dimensions 6 L x 74 W x 11 H

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