Candice sofa Bed

Candice sofa Bed
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Candice sofa Bed
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Classy + Comfortable: The Candice is like the steady, reliable friend who one ay has a makeover! And, Va Va Va Voom! Such is Candice, one day a sofa, the next day a Lounger and then a Bed, Whichever face Candice shows, 'she' is chic. comfortable and familiar: a real treasure to behold. Hugs!

3 seat functions: Sofa, Lounger and Chaise, Upholstered in premium fabric Split-Back functionality, Construction: Metal frame and legs.

Sofa: 85.6 L x 37.8 W x 36.4 H

Bed: 67.7 L x 45.9 W x 20.9 H

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